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Thanks for choosing Dyrim Solid State Drive.


The warranty period will immediately take effect on the day of purchasing Dyrim SSD.

Please be aware that the warranty policy will only be applicable to those products that experienced failure when operated based on the recommended environment, specifications and guidelines.

Dyrim will not be responsible for any other failures caused by wrong operating or intentional damage.

Dyrim will either repair or replace any part of its products that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or materials. This warranty is nontransferable and valid only for the original purchasing of Dyrim products.


Warranty Period:

Consumer Series: 3 years

Industrial Series: 3 years

Enterprise Series: 3 years

Military Series: 5 years


Note: Free replacement only works in the first 3 months for bulk orders and this item works for all series of products (Free replacement is only applicable when products have defectiveness in firmware or key components. Free replacement is not an “Old for New” service either Dyrim does not offer such service).

During the warranty year, all the series have the service of free repairing, with only one exception that if the wafer is used up. If the defective products meet the items to be scrapped as to Dyrim, Dyrim will not be obliged to make and repairing.


Things that customer need to be aware:

1.    Please back up all the data before it will be sent for RMA service. Dyrim is not responsible for customer’s data or the loss of the data.

2.    For any bad damage on the sticker, packages, or housing of the products, Dyrim will make repairing or make replacement too. (If Dyrim has such materials and Dyrim is not obliged to pre-notice customers).

3.    Please contact a right sales person in Dyrim to confirm the questions and situations of the products need to be repaired, a right receiving address and shipping method should be confirmed too.

4.    Returned precuts must be completed in the following conditions:

1)    Original packing (manufacture’s box, plastic blister packaging, etc).

2)    All accessories (cables, connect box, connect PCB, screw, driver, etc).

3)    UPC bar code and Serial number on the box intact (as received).


Shipping cost for RMA:

The customer is required to pay shipping and handling charges to send the defective products to Dyrim. Dyrim provides free return shipping and handling cost.

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